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The glittery New Year mani is already falling prey to poor impulse control.


new year

The Christmas tulips are still standing tall and lovely this New Year’s Day.


rebel rebel


My sister began reading and then recommending The Hunger Games books to me a few years ago, which I’ve still not got around to. My once-voracious book-reading habit has seemingly been replaced with an alarming amount of time spent deep in the rabbit-hole that is the Internet. Metafilter, TV Tropes, countless others: I blame you. (I love you, actually; please don’t go away.)

As we texted back and forth while I was at Comic-Con earlier this month, I mentioned that I’d (finally!) seen the first movie, had thoroughly enjoyed it, and would have to stop at the library soon to check out the books as I’m on a self-imposed book-buying ban due to the unfortunate stack of unread novels that taunt me from my bookshelf every single day. A week later, I opened a box she had mailed to me: included was a birthday card and a note acknowledging that while I might be on a book-buying diet, *she* wasn’t. She always had a bit of a rule-breaker streak in her, that girl.


From day to day

I love sending little snippets of my day to far-away people and places. Two of these are from a letterpress calendar whose pages double as darling little postcards.

January 2013 [San Diego, CA]


From food + cooking

Pancit with pork and shrimp for New Year’s Day lunch.

January 2013 [San Diego, CA]