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happy new year

Hello, 2012. I’m still mulling over a few resolutions to commit to this year around the usual subjects — career, health, family and friends — which I may write about more in the coming days and weeks. But one commitment I have signed on for already is the 50/50 Challenge, where folks commit to reading and watching fifty books and fifty movies in 2012.

Back in November, I got to thinking about the sorry state of my reading habit: I used to spend much of my spare time reading, or just looking for new and interesting things to read, yet I could count on one hand (!) how many non-class-related books I had read all year. And as for movies, I’ve seen just as many (or as few, if you will) that were released in the last two. So I kicked around the idea of reading and watching a selection of books and movies from a randomly chosen year (2005) and began compiling lists of award winners, nominees, critically acclaimed work, bestsellers, and blockbusters to work with. How wonderfully serendipitous, then, to learn about this community of like-minded people?

For the challenge, I won’t necessarily limit myself to works published or released in 2005 but they will make up the bulk of it, I think; I’ve got an embarrassingly tall “to read” pile spilling off the shelf to tackle, so that will likely be dipped into that as well. Overall, I think this challenge will be a fun way to get back into two activities that I truly enjoy.

Want to sign up, too? Visit the 50/50 Challenge sign up page.