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Category Archives: snapshots

ready, set, pinakbet!

From food + cooking Pinakbet mix from the supermarket. June 2012 [San Diego, CA]

meet the artists talk

From around town: san diego At the CCCA. June 2012 [San Diego, CA]

first day of summer

June 2012 [San Diego, CA]

the crown room

Although fog has rolled in and out each evening and morning for several days, cloaking the coastline in a damp cold, it hadn’t touched the Del when I was on the island tonight. From around town: san diego A view of the Hotel Del’s Crown Room and its chandeliers [January 2012, Coronado, CA]

wrap it up

From Day to Day Birthday gifts for the nieces, wrapped up and ready to mail. I really liked the chocolate and teal pattern of the paper, which doesn’t quite come through here.